Stop Hiding Carpet Odours Behind The Nicer Smell! Get Professional Help

Whereas we all know how delicate our noses when it comes to smell. So, how does the smell works? Well, any sort of odor spread as a volatile molecule- which means it can turn from liquid to gas. So, whenever you inhale, the small molecules go the small patch of the tissues that contain about six million sensory neurons. And when the smell molecules attach to the light layer of the neurons, it can tell your brain what’s there in the air.

So, if it is your carpet that is smelling odd, there are some potential reasons, and you should hire a house cleaning professionals in Canberra. Why? Well, Just like stains, carpet fibres trap the odours and make them linger in your home till the time it is treated properly. Here are some of the possible reasons why your carpet smell bad and none other than professional treatments can keep it away-

1. Moisture or dampness:

Sometimes moisture goes underneath the towel and creates musty odours. The moisture happens due to the spills, humidity or potted plants, from where the water drip into the carpeting. Moreover, rainstorm also causes dampness. And, if they are not addressed properly, the mould or mildew will keep growing under the carpet padding.

2. Lingering pet odour:

When pets use carpet as a bathroom, the smell can linger even after you clean carpet on your own. This is all because of the gases that are released by the bacteria come from urinating. And, if any part of your carpet remains wet, it will continue smelling.

Though the enzymes are particularly effective for DIY cleaning, it’s better to rely on professional carpet cleaning Canberra. Since the bacteria get activated by the water and that is the reason why the urinated part smell intensely upon cleaning.

3. Cigarette smokes:

Did you know the carpet can collect the cigarette smoke odour? If a smoker lives in a home, he or she may not get the smell, as he/she will live with it but a visitor can definitely notice the smell of the smoke.

4. Old fibre:

Over the time, the carpet fibres break down, and there remains a smell from old carpet, and a little can be done with regards to that. Even, in addition to that smell, old carpet starts releasing the dust, which can cause allergies. Hence, it comes better to replace the carpet.

5. Food and drink spilling:

like pet urine, if food and drinks spill over the carpet, it can lead to odours. The liquid spills over the carpet and the deep soak cause the breeding ground for the bacteria and foul smell that gets intensify upon cleaning it. So, calling professionals for home cleaning Canberra is one of the best solutions you can opt for.

Lastly, once you find the source of your carpet odour, you can land with the best solution possible. Upon consulting with the carpet cleaning professionals, you will not only understand the required treatment for your carpets, but they can also suggest you pet-friendly carpets and fabrics that are not delicate to handle.


Are you tired of the foul smell of your carpet? Before you come up with a random solution, knowing the source of it can make your carpet smell treatment easy.