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Efficient and Safe Building Cleaning in Canberra

Are you looking for an effective cleaning service to remove after-construction mess? APC Cleaning Pty Ltd comes second to none to offer you high-quality construction cleaning  Canberra. We clear up all the debris that includes removal of grout, dust, glue and paint and leftover materials. Our construction cleaning comprises:

    • Cleaning of internal walls, benches, cupboards
    • Inside out glass frames and tracks
    • Bathroom and toilet
    • Floor surface

We also specialise in construction cleaning Canberra, and can provide fast quality pre hand over cleaning for any size construction project, and regularly work on projects ranging from multi story units to single houses.

We have a full safety system in place including a safety plan, SWMS and MSDS’s , all staff at APC cleaning services Group hold a white card, Asbestos Awareness card and are directly employed, we do not sub-contract any work. We are familiar with the requirements and demands of construction cleaning and are able to provide a fast, efficient and above all safe cleaning service to allow you to hand your project over on time.

Our highly trained team of cleaners offers a flexible approach to conduct all type of cleaning methods. We have the necessary skills and equipment for safe removal of rubbish from internal surfaces, such as bench tops, carpet, tiles and a lot more.

Our Building Cleaning Canberra Process Goes as the Following:

        • Pre-build cleaning: Building and construction sites require hygienic and safe areas to commerce the safe building works.
        • Post-build cleaning: It is the most common cleaning method to extract the dust and rubbish that has been accumulated during the building process.
        • Final cleanup: Soon after the post-building cleaning, the final building cleanup is carried out, which ensures that the space is ready to move in.
        • Maintenance cleaning: For a long-running building project, an ongoing cleaning program is the best thing that could happen for people working there.

Choose APC cleaning Pty Ltd to take care of all your needs for building cleaning Canberra. You will enjoy our stress-free service by highly trained specialists. Our cleaners are trained to deal with complicated cleaning conditions without causing much damage. We perform inspection and safety checks to ensure high standard cleaning results.

If you require Building Cleaning Canberra, we encourage you to contact us for a free quote.

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